Cove Drive

Luxurious Living befitting of Royalty.


Some of the most prestigious landed properties in Singapore that allowed foreign ownership is located on the southern island in District 04, Singapore at Sentosa Cove.

Wake up to a panoramic sunrise. Go for a game of golf in your backyard, cool off with an afternoon swim in your infinity pool. Sail out to sea to catch the evening breeze and return in time for a dinner party by the waterfront. This is the ultimate lifestyle that is Sentosa Cove.

These exclusive bungalows are designed to resonate to the song of the sea and reflect the refined lifestyle of the privileged few. A private lift takes you to any floor of your six-bedroom abode. Relax in the master bedroom, an expanse of indulgence occupying one entire level. Glass windows offer unobstructed sea views while internal courtyards reinforce the enchanting landscape that surrounds each bungalow.


Welcome to the place where the most Prestigious in Singapore live.

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