Ocean Drive : Modern Living Sanctuary By The Waterway. Perfect For Big Families

A Tropical Waterfront Retreat for a family of five was the brief was for this home on a corner lot in Sentosa Cove. A fusion of tropical & modern architecture, the spaces are layered on top of one another, interspersed with Roof Gardens and Ponds that insulate spaces below and create deep reveals, which along with the wide roof eaves provide ample shading. Natural tactile materials were selected to create a quiet backdrop, the focus being on the abundant views of the waterway and lush tropical garden that surround the house.

Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment

1. Resilience to Climate Change
Passive cooling enhanced by large sliding glass doors that open to allow good natural cross ventilation, orientation of glazing to the North and South, vertical and horizontal shading to minimize the need for air conditioning. Use of recycled timber externally for decking rather than stone to reduce heat gain.

2. Resource Efficacy
Passive cooling of spaces as mentioned in (3) above.

3. Longevity = Adaptability + Re-Use
Recycled and Recyclable materials used such as timber, steel.

4. Harmonization with Place
Use of tropical natural materials, with wide eaves and large overhangs and vertical shading to keep the house cool. Integration of landscaping, Roof Gardens and Ponds to keep all spaces in touch with the natural environment.

5. Wellness of the Inhabitant 
The house was designed specifically for the owner’s lifestyle, needs and requirements. Good natural cross ventilation, views to the garden and sea & city beyond, use of natural materials and good shading provide for a comfortable, healthy space for the owner. The owners are extremely happy with the house, exceeding their expectations.

6. Integration of Landscape
Integration of landscaping, Roof Gardens and Ponds keep all spaces in touch with the natural environment.

7. Design Process
Single designer to oversee all aspects of architecture, landscape and interior design. Active synergy between Architect, Engineers, Contractors and Owner.

Architect: Greg Shand Architects | Robert Greg Shand
Site Area: Plot size 950 sqm.
Design Year: 2008
Description: A 2-storey Bunglow House with Basement, 5-Bedrooms, Multimedia Room, Attic and Swimming Pool at Plot ratio figure .70
Planning Constraints
Plot Ratio 0.77.
Maximum Height Control 11.7m from existing entrance driveway level

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