Sentosa Cove : Prestigious Integrated Oceanfront Marina Residential

Prestigious Integrated Oceanfront Marina Residential

Sentosa Cove

One of the world’s most prestigious integrated oceanfront marina residential
communities, Sentosa Cove is the centrepiece of Singapore’s billion-dollar
Master Plan for Sentosa Island.
The first and only oceanfront residence available in Singapore – a unique
development that is unsurpassed and unrivalled is BACK IN ACTION IN

What does it mean to the privilege ones LOOKING TO ENJOY A
LIFESTYLE that is unsurpassed and unrivalled?
It is no secret that the current global economy is in a flux but there are 2 things
that I firmly believe:-
• If you buy a property within your budget
• You have at least a medium to long term view of 6-8 years
Most Sentosa properties will be able to return a potential gain worthy of your
investment time because we only have approximately 320 landed homes here
and everyone knows the lifestyle in Sentosa is incomparable with any on
mainland prime location.
In fact, the property market, despite all the numerous naysayers and doomsday
predictions, have consistently defied expectations and registering remarkable
transactions – year after year in some segments. It all depends on your entry
level, the quality of the house and how you are able to smell those opportunities.

Prices of homes at the exclusive Sentosa Cove have become more
affordable, making it a great time for home buyers to consider
investing in one now.

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